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North-African soothing massage ritual

Cinq Mondes

The ritual makes use of delicately scented warm argan oil. It relaxes tensions and stress knots by releasing toxins and muscle aches.


Toning Indian Ayurvedic massage ritual 50min

Cinq Mondes

The traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage with warm oil, which is thousands of years old, is based on a ritual combination of toning massage moves and different pressing points. Enjoy the relaxing mixture of vanilla and cardamom.


Relaxing French Polynesian massage ritual 80min

Cinq Mondes

This massage ritual quickly relaxes muscle tension and restores energy with the help of the dermapuncture technique. Dermapuncture improves the body’s energy circulation and facilitates an active restoration of body and soul. The treatment uses an exotic balm from Tahitian poppy oil and noni fruit.


Bali Island massage ritual 50min

Cinq Mondes

This relaxing Bali massage soothes the senses and creates a natural sense of wellbeing in the body as well as soul. The treatment uses a melting body balm with tropical nuts.


Solar energy massage with lava stones 60min

Lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure that eliminates fatigue and stress and rejuvenates. Lava stones radiate warmth and positive energy, releasing muscle tensions and regulating the digestive system and metabolism.

Stone massage is indicated for: stress, insomnia, muscle and joint ache, circulation problems. Is not recommended for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases or in case of acute inflammations and skin lesions.


Classical massage 30min / 45min / 60min

True relaxation that helps to eliminate fatigue, relaxes the muscles, and improves metabolism. Classical massage improves blood and lymph circulation and metabolism. The procedure strengthens the immune system and releases muscle tension and stress. The massage has a relaxing effect during mental and physical overload and it stimulates the immune system.


Classical massage for two 60min

A relaxing massage that can be enjoyed by a couple in romantic candlelight.


Cupping massage 30min / 60min

The procedure uses rubber massage cups of different sizes. The massaging effect is achieved with the vacuum that is created under the cup and it allows intense treatment of problematic areas.


Tibetan massage with Dead Sea salt and Himalayan rock crumbs 60min

A relaxing rhythmical massage with satchels full of Dead Sea salt and Himalayan rock crumbs. Indications for therapy and massage: muscle aches, joint problems, having a cold, high blood pressure, weak immune system, headache, metabolic and circulatory problems, accumulation of toxins in the body, mental exhaustion, fatigue, depression, insomnia, etc.


Relaxing head massage 30min

This treatment cares for the shoulders, arms, neck, and head, improves blood and lymph circulation. Helps to relax and destress, relieve headaches, migraines, sleeping disorders, relax neck and shoulder tensions, improve the immune system. The procedure facilitates concentration and helps to restore a tired mind during intense work or study periods.


Family treatment ‘Always together’ 30min

Massage for mum and dad while the child relaxes in a massage bath.