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Moisturizing facial treatment 30min


Facial treatment for oily skin (13–16 yrs) 30min 

Facial treatment with a delicate cleansing effect.


‘Like a real spa’ body treatment (5-12 yrs) 45min 

Face and body treatment in one. The procedure contains a massage, a chocolate mask, and creaming.


Classical massage 20min

True relaxation that helps to alleviate fatigue, relaxes muscles, and improves metabolism.


Foot treatment for children 30min

Includes exfoliation, nail correction, and, if requested, nail varnish in vibrant hues.


Family treatment ''Always together'' 30min
Massage for mum and dad while the child enjoys a massage bath.

Princess hands 15min 

Moisturising fruit or berry smoothie hand lotion and varnishing nails in vibrant 


Sweet greetings for hands  30min

Hand exfoliation with a sweet orange-scented sugar scrub and creaming with a moisturising fruit or berry smoothie. 

Light nail correction and if requested, nail varnish in vibrant hues.