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Herbal aromatic bath 20min

Cinq Mondes

A very relaxing bath ritual that awakens the senses and restores psychological as well as physical harmony with aromas handpicked for you.


Exfoliating massage treatment with a relaxing bath 50min 

Polishing scrub with a body polisher from Saaremaa. Leaves skin silky smooth.  Followed by a relaxing bath.


Soy and peanut butter massage bath 20min

Soy bath is suitable for sensitive, dry, and itchy skin. Alleviates allergic skin problems and psoriasis.


Luxury milk bath 20min 

The procedure nourishes and restores skin, leaving it nice and soft. 

Pure goat’s milk, whey, and coconut milk are used in the bath.


Calming chamomile massage bath 20min 

A relaxing chamomile bath helps to relax sensitive, dry, inflamed, and itchy skin.


Relaxing massage bath with flower petals 20min  

A flower petal bath also helps with sleeping disorders. Lavender, thyme, and sage petals are used in the bath.


Anti-rheumatism bath with pine oil 20min 

Medical bath that helps to alleviate chronic rheumatic ailments, circulation problems, and muscle and joint aches.