+372 452 4700 arensburg@arensburg.ee Lossi 15, Kuressaare

Arensburg Restaurants

...on the main street of Kuressaare Old Town.

Arensburg Restaurants unites two absolutely outstanding dining opportunities under one brand. Arensburg Restaurant is located in the historic part of the hotel, and Lounge Muusa located in the modern part of the hotel.

The menu in the restaurants is inspired by different European cuisine and culinary traditions. Arensburg Restaurants has received many awards, such as “Promoter of Saaremaa’s Wine Culture”, “The Best Service”, “The Best Tourism Destination”, and “The Best Restaurant on The Island”.

We also have the most beautiful Sun Terrace in Kuressaare, a Wine Cellar for wine tasting and wine training for groups, a cigar room, seminar rooms, and children’s’ playroom.

Each week Arensburg Restaurants hosts concerts that have gained great popularity. We also provide catering services in Saaremaa and on the mainland.

Arensburg RestaurantLounge Muusa and Sun terrace are open Mon-Thur 12-22, Fri-Sat 12-23, Sun 12-21! 

Book a table restoran@arensburg.ee

Restaurant Lounge Muusa +372 452 4707

Arensburg historical restaurant  +372 452 4728