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Private boutique hotel in the heart of Kuressaare


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The Hotel

The Arensburg Boutique Hotel, opened in a building erected 300 years ago and enriched with modern architecture, offers modern conveniences in all rooms. The selection includes hotel rooms with modern design and furniture as well as historical rooms. For celebrating especially important days, we offer the unique, historical Arensburg Suite. See more!


The Arensburg Boutique Spa is a cosy and private place for treating one’s body and soul. We offer a wide selection of massages and therapies, as well as baths which reinvigorate the body and mind. The spa includes a warm-water swimming pool, a large hot tub, a sanarium, and Finnish and steam saunas. Hotel guests can use the saunas free of charge and are also supplied free towels.

Arensburg spa is open Monday- Sunday 9-21

Book time on phone (+372) 452 4710 or send email spa@arensburg.ee

The island of Saaremaa

The largest island in Estonia is known as an exclusive holiday destination all over the Baltic Sea region. Even though Saaremaa is situated in the middle of the densely populated Baltic Sea with busy ship traffic, the island has managed to remain physically and spiritually secluded. Buildings with thatched roofs can still be found in the ancient villages here and these buildings are not museum exhibits, but real homes. There are also stone fences, which are still used to herd farm animals to this date.

The numerous sites to see in Saaremaa include the Angla Windmill Park, the Panga Cliff, the Kihelkonna bell tower from the seventeenth century, the Loona Manor, the ruins of the Maasilinna Castle, and the Mihkli Farm Museum in Viki. There is also a uniquely high number of churches with archaic architecture preserved in Saaremaa.

The conquering of Saaremaa in 1227 marked the end of the ancient battle for independence of Estonians. The most important tourism magnet in Kuressaare (known as Arensburg up to 1917) is the episcopal castle from the thirteenth century, which remained unconquerable. The castle is one of a kind all over the Baltic states.

The bread, the beer, and the sharp tongue and quick wit of the local people are the symbols of Saaremaa. You are always welcome to visit and get to know us!